by Rodent Lord

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released July 13, 2012

All Songs Written by RODENT LORD
Recorded & Produced by
Dale Damage @ Poetown Studios, Stasburg VA
March 2012



all rights reserved


Rodent Lord Kutztown, Pennsylvania

Formed Dec. 2011.
Kutztown PA.

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Track Name: Gestapo! Gestapo!
Cursory bound, swinging a gun
the Gestapo was built by the dictator’s son
shifted up north, soldered a badge
tailored a hole in the front of his pants

Gestapo is hard and ready - his presence is unsettling
Gestapo leave me be, I know you get off molesting me
Track Name: Dead Press
Saddened by authority,
a self-normalized hypocrisy
civil protests being put to sleep,
another nail in the coffin of freedom of speech

Dead Press!

Sickened by debauchery,
every influence is monetary
keep the public from the real picture,
so the 1% continues to grow richer

Dead Press - You’ve been censored to death
there is no honesty, just hold your fucking breath
Track Name: Budd Dwyer Blues
I’ve been talking to the press, through a hole in my head
my guilt fed depression is a side effect of my conviction

Buddy’s got the blues, Buddy knows he is gonna lose
Won’t spend my life in prison, “I’ll kill myself on television”

I cannot explain, the private right-wing financial gains
it was just my earthly mission, guiding me towards my ascension

See Buddy climb to heaven, you can watch him on television
See Buddy climb to heaven, has he earned his virgin women?

Dirty politicians who won’t accept the blame
learn a lesson from Buddy’s wisdom and blow out your brains
Track Name: Anthropocene
The gerent rides the black acid rain
as it swells upon the world he disdains
insatiable hunger, what is it that you crave?
We can’t drink were the gerent has bathed
Virulent, rotting the Earth, carving a path to extinction
Track Name: Monsanto's Daughther
Does the environment need distemper,
to delineate from nature?
I synthetic agriculture, am Monsanto’s little daughter

Parasitic soil vultures,
we follow your GMO Mother Nature
I synthetic agriculture, am Monsanto’s little daughter

My father’s name was Monsanto, he spread his seeds across the dirt
synthetically enabled to resist the cabbage worm

my mother’s name was Monsanto, she weaved her fibers into cloth
synthetically enabled to resist the gypsy moth

my master’s name was Monsanto, he owns my genetic rights
synthetically enabled to resist the spider mites
Track Name: Mister Church, Mister State
Mr. Church, he is a miserly old man who has his actions rehearsed
Mr. State, he has a dildo in his ass and a bible in his face

Well in god we trust they go hand and hand
the sanctity of marriage is just another fucking scam
under one god means stuck in a hole
Mr. Church, Mr. State are out of control

Mr. Church, he is a senile man and a fucking pervert
Mr. State, I never could trust him and I never could relate

Mister Church! Mister State! Please just fucking go away!
Track Name: Waste Of Time
Drank his sour wine before his masses
sacrificed his body to his bastards
whose liturgy reduced to a holy spoil
in a belief in life beyond decayal

The books was as old as it’s meaning was lost
I don’t give a fuck if your savior died on a cross
the threat was old and no life goes to hell
your empire is built on the lies that you sell

spit the host back into his ashes
clawed the eyes out of the watching masters
whose liturgy reduced to a holy spoil
in a belief in life beyond decayal

Living for the afterlife…
is such a fucking waste of time